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CHINALUX Celebrated a Decade of Success at the 10-Year Anniversary Gala Dinner

On the evening of 6 June 2023, at the prestigious Cercle Cité, CHINALUX, the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, hosted a grand celebration to commemorate its remarkable journey over the past ten years. With 240 esteemed guests, the event was a testament to the impact and achievements of CHINALUX.

2023年6月6日晚,中国卢森堡商会(CHINALUX)十周年庆祝晚宴在享有盛誉的Cercle Cité举办, 240位尊贵嘉宾共同见证了这一时刻

Adding to the honour and prestige of the occasion, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Guillaume, Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, was present at this event. His Royal Highness expressed his delight in attending the celebration, as Cercle Cité also holds special significance for him, being the venue where his wedding took place.

The evening started with a warm welcome from Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo, Vice President of CHINALUX. A video highlighted the milestones of CHINALUX in the past 10 years, allowing attendees to reflect upon the organization’s transformative journey.

Ms. Zhujun Xie, President of CHINALUX, delivered a speech that captured the tireless efforts by CHINALUX to promote and support business communities in China and Luxembourg. She emphasized the chamber’s commitment to providing networking opportunities, resources, and educational seminars, all aimed at connecting members with potential partners and fostering business prospects. Notably, the chamber has also played an active role in fulfilling its social responsibility by extending support to non-profit organizations such as MSF and Croix Rouge.

Next, H.E. Mr. Hua Ning, Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg, commented the remarkable achievements of CHINALUX and emphasised the bonds between China and Luxembourg that have been nurtured over the years.

Mr. Carlo Thelen, CEO of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, shared his unique perspective as a witness to the birth of CHINALUX. Mr. Thelen reaffirmed his commitment to continue fostering mutually beneficial ties between the business communities in China and Luxembourg.

In an engaging presentation, Mr. Rupert Hoogewerf, Chairman of Hurun, shed light on the exciting landscape of unicorn companies in China. Highlighting the opportunities, he encouraged attendees to explore and experience the dynamic business environment that China has to offer.

Though unable to attend in person, Mr. Nicolas Mackel, CEO of Luxembourg for Finance, sent a heartfelt video message from Shanghai. In light of the turbulent times we live in, Mr. Mackel emphasized the crucial need for open dialogue, fostering stronger connections and collaborations between China and Luxembourg.

The crowning moment of the evening arrived when His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Guillaume, together with President Ms. Zhujun Xie, joined hands to ceremoniously cut the anniversary cake. This symbolic act encapsulated our shared vision.

As the night drew to a close, the 10-Year Anniversary Gala Dinner served as a reminder of the instrumental role played by every individual involved in CHINALUX’s success story. From the dedicated members of the steering committee, executive and advisory board members, to the honorable supporters like the Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, and the Ministry of Economy, Finance, and Foreign Affairs, thank you for your support and contributions!

我们荣幸的邀请到卢森堡王储、Guillaume王储殿下亲临现场。Guillaume王储殿下表达了他出席庆典的喜悦之情,同时,Cercle Cité对他来说也具有特殊意义,他的婚礼也曾在此处举办。

晚宴开始,由中卢商会副主席Jacques Bortuzzo先生热情欢迎各位嘉宾,同时播放视频回顾了中卢商会在过去十年中的里程碑。



作为中卢商会诞生的见证者之一,卢森堡商会首席执行官Carlo Thelen先生发表演讲。Carlo Thelen先生重申了继续促进中卢两国商业界互利合作的承诺。

胡润百富董事长Rupert Hoogewerf先生为大家揭示了中国独角兽企业的激动人心的景象。他强调了其中的机遇,并鼓励与会者探索和体验中国所提供的充满活力的商业环境。

尽管无法亲临现场,卢森堡金融发展局首席执行官尼Nicolas Mackel先生从上海发来了视频致辞。Mackel先生强调,面对如今的动荡时刻,开放对话比以往更加重要,我们需共同努力促进中卢之间更紧密的联系与合作。




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