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CHINALUX Event – Luxembourg Companies and Their China Stories

Despite the rainy weather, CHINALUX successfully hosted the event “Luxembourg Companies and Their China Stories” at the Bank of China Luxembourg. The event drew an impressive turnout, with more than 100 participants gathering to explore the business narratives between Luxembourg and China. Ms. Wang Yuan, Mme la Chargée d’Affaires ad interim of the Embassy of China to Luxembourg, honored the event with her presence. This event was sponsored by CHINALUX founding member Bank of China Luxembourg. 

The event began with a heartfelt welcome speech from Ms. Xie Zhujun, President of CHINALUX. She elaborated on the growing cooperation between China and Luxembourg in areas such as finance, logistics, and technology, expressing confidence in Luxembourg companies’ successful investments in China. She expressed her gratitude for the support of everyone present.  Following this, the stage was taken by Mr. Xu Chen, General Manager of Bank of China Luxembourg. Mr. Xu Chen underscored the collaborative efforts between Luxembourg and China, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong relationships between businesses, governments, and communities. 

Mr. Frank Thome, Member of the Executive Board of Ceratizit, stepped forward to present Ceratizit’s ventures in China. With depth and clarity, he shared compelling stories of business mergers, the establishment of production sites, and the challenges and opportunities encountered along the way. Mr. Thome also offered a positive perspective on the future of conducting business in China, emphasizing the encouraging outlook amid the challenges.

Continuing the momentum, Mr. Oliver Brück, Head of Marketing & Sales / C⋅A⋅T of Waagner-Biro Luxembourg Stage Systems, captivated the audience with a presentation on their innovative stage systems and their global footprint, particularly in China and its market potential. He illuminated how their cutting-edge technologies were widely embraced and utilized across various projects in the country, showcasing the significant success achieved by Luxembourg companies in the country.

The Q&A session was moderated by Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo, Vice President of CHINALUX. The audience actively participated, posing questions including cultural differences, legal perspectives, and M&A activities in China. The session fostered a dynamic exchange of ideas and knowledge, enriching the collective understanding of Luxembourg-China business dynamics.

In closing, we would like to express our gratitude to all attendees, speakers, and participants for their active engagement and insightful contributions. Thank you for coming, and we look forward to seeing you at next CHINALUX events!



接着,Ceratizit执行委员会委员Frank Thome先生介绍了Ceratizit在中国的业务发展。通过展示影片,他分享了有关业务合并、生产基地建设以及在发展过程中遇到的挑战与机遇。Thome先生还积极展望了在中国开展业务的未来,强调了在挑战面前鼓舞人心的前景。

紧接着,Waagner-Biro Luxembourg Stage Systems营销与销售主管Oliver Brück先生进行了演讲。他介绍了这种创新舞台系统及其在全球范围内,尤其是在中国广泛应用,及巨大市场的潜在前景。他详细介绍了他们领先的技术是如何被广泛采纳并应用到了中国各种项目中的,也同时展现了卢森堡公司在中国获得了巨大成功。

问答环节由中卢商会副主席Jacques Bortuzzo先生主持。观众积极参与,提出了涉及关于文化差异、法律和中国的并购活动等方面的问题。

最后,我们要对所有参与者、演讲者和与会人员表示感谢,感谢大家的积极参与和深入见解。在后面的酒会为会员提供了相互交流,  洽谈业务提供了良好的机会。衷心期待在下一次中卢商会活动中再见!


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