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CHINALUX “Future of Energy”

This CHINALUX “Future of Energy” event took place at Bilia-Emond Luxembourg on 8 March 2023. The event presented an excellent opportunity for the CHINALUX members and friends to learn more about Electric Vehicles and the future of energy. The event was sponsored by CHINALUX corporate members: Bilia-Emond Luxembourg & China Southern Power Grid.

To begin with, Mr Baptiste Vallin, COO of Bilia-Emond Luxembourg, introduced the state-of-the-art BMW concept show room. CHINALUX Vice President Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo gave a warm welcome to our members and friends. Next, Mr. Jeroen Lissens, Head of Corporate Communications, BMW Belux, gave a speech on the sustainability of cars. Mr Lissens mentioned that China is the biggest single market for BMW and sustainability is at the heart of the BMW brand. BMW made significant investments in sustainability and Bilia-Emond is one of the best examples.

Ms. Min Shen, Deputy Representative, China Southern Power Grid Luxembourg, gave a speech on the EV charging and its future in China. Ms. Shen mentioned that CSG is one of the biggest players in China in terms of infrastructure. She stressed that Electric Vehicles are the future, and we cannot go far without investing in charging facilities.

The panel discussion was moderated by Mr. Guy Block, Partner and Head of Energy, Climate Change and Mobility, Janson. The speakers of the panel included Mr. Jeroen Lissens, Ms. Min Shen, and Mr. Julian Wu, Head of Business Development / Financial Institutions, Bank of Communications Luxembourg. The energy crisis, the financing of the renewable energy sector, the charging stations and the road infrastructures were some of the topics discussed and debated during the panel discussion.

A cocktail session followed the panel discussion and Q&A. CHINALUX sincerely appreciated your attendance. See you soon!

本次中卢商会“能源与未来”活动于2023年3月8日在Bilia-Emond Luxembourg举行。此次活动为中卢商会会员和朋友们提供了一次了解电动汽车和未来能源的机会。 该活动由中卢商会企业成员Bilia-Emond Luxembourg 和中国南方电网赞助。

首先,Bilia-Emond Luxembourg 首席运营官 Baptiste Vallin 先生介绍了最先进的 BMW 概念展厅。 中卢商会副主席Jacques Bortuzzo先生对我们的会员朋友们的到来表示热烈的欢迎。 接下来,BMW Belux 企业传讯主管Jeroen Lissens 先生就汽车的可持续性发表了演讲。 Lissens先生提到,中国是BMW最大的单一市场,可持续发展是BMW品牌的核心。 BMW在可持续发展方面投入了大量资金,Bilia-Emond 就是最好的例子之一。

中国南方电网公司卢森堡代表处副总代表申敏女士就电动汽车充电及其在中国的未来发表了演讲。 申女士提到,就基础设施而言,南方电网是中国最大的参与者之一。 她强调,电动汽车是我们的未来,电动汽车之路想要走远,就必须投资充电设施。

小组讨论随后由 Janson 合伙人兼气候变化及能源部门主管 Guy Block 先生主持。 小组的发言人包括Jeroen Lissens 先生;申敏女士和交通银行(卢森堡)业务发展/金融机构部负责人吴亮先生。 小组就能源危机、可再生能源产业的融资、充电站和道路基础设施进行了讨论和辩论。

在小组讨论和问答环节之后举行了鸡尾酒会。 谢谢您的参加, 我们下次见!


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