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Chinese New Year e-Celebration 2021 中卢云端同庆,喜迎2021春节

On 8 February 2021, the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (CHINALUX), the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg and the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg, with support from Euro-Asie, hosted an online event to celebrate the Chinese New Year and welcome the Year of the Ox. Moderated by CHINALUX Vice-President Jacques Bortuzzo, the event served as a way for the China-Luxembourg to come together and connect digitally. About 170 people participated via Zoom and enjoyed a one and a half hour cultural and musical feast.

In a video greeting, Mr. Franz Fayot, Minister of the Economy of Luxembourg expressed his best wishes and hopes for the upcoming year of the Ox. He took this opportunity to express his gratitude for the mutual cooperation between China and Luxembourg during the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The logistics corridor between China and Luxembourg, the so-called ‘Silk Road in the Air’, had been essential to deliver vital medical equipment to China at the beginning of the outbreak, and reversely to Luxembourg and Europe thereafter. Mr. Fayot expressed hopes 2021 will see a strengthening of bilateral relations in multiple fields. The Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce e-mission to China in November 2020 had illustrated that, despite restricted mobility, the China-Luxembourg relationship can continue to move forward.

H.E. Mrs. Yang Xiaorong, the Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg, stressed the extraordinary challenges of the past year which had been characterised by global crisis and recession. Despite these challenges, China’s success in combating the virus outbreak domestically and the quick economic recovery of the Chinese economy are testament to the potential in overcoming the crisis. She particularly emphasised China’s international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic and the role of Luxembourg as part of the ‘Health Silk Road’. Finally, H.E. Mrs. Yang expressed the best wishes for a prosperous and successful year of the Ox.

As President of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Luc Frieden highlighted the mutual cooperation of China and Luxembourg during the pandemic once more, mentioning the role of Cargolux in particular. He expressed his hope that Luxembourg’s central role as a logistics and financial hub will further deepen bilateral ties. In regard of the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment, which had been reached in December 2020, Mr. Frieden stated his conviction that it will serve as the foundation of a fair and balanced trade relationship between China and Luxembourg in the future.

In a feature by the Confucius Institute at the University of Luxembourg, Prof. Dr. Stéphane Pallage, the rector of the University of Luxembourg, wished a Happy New Year on behalf of the Confucius Institute Luxembourg and mentioned that, despite the pandemic, cooperation has continued throughout 2020. He particularly mentioned the opening of the Confucius Institute Library at the Luxembourg Learning Center in Belval, which constitutes the largest collection of Chinese texts in Luxembourg. As the Director of the Confucius Institute, Mr. Jauffrey Bareille acknowledged the special situation of this year’s celebration, but showed confidence that digital classes and events will be a step forward. Acting Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute, Ms. Jiang Chenchen spoke of the rapid development of China-Luxembourg educational ties since the first student exchange agreement between the University of Luxembourg and Fudan University was signed in 2015 and the establishment of the Confucius Institute in 2018. The speeches and greetings were followed by a video featuring the Confucius Institute Luxembourg’s teachers and students about Chinese New Year.

Mr. Zhang Jing of the China Cultural Center in Luxembourg (CCCL) wished a Happy New Year and pointed to the rich online cultural content available on the CCCL website. Together with Mr. William Zhang, CEO Huawei Luxembourg, he presented the finalists of the 2020 photography contest ‘My Story in China’ of CCCL, CHINALUX and Euro-Asie, which was sponsored by Huawei Luxembourg. The presentation was followed by a video of an acrobatics performance.

The next feature was organised by Mr. Zhang Yong of Euro-Asie and featured, among others, greetings by Mr. Lex Delles, Minister of Tourism of Luxembourg, a performance of the Chinese folk song ‘Mo Li Hua’ by Mr. Gast Waltzing, and the performance of a traditional Luxembourgish song by Euro-Asie clients in both Chinese and Luxembourgish.

The closing address of the event was held by Ms. Xie Zhujun, President of CHINALUX. Citing the latest Eurostat data, which shows the EU has become China’s largest trading partner in 2020 and in regard to the EU-China Investment Agreement, Ms. Xie expressed confidence that working together will be the path forward.

Finally, the Chinese New Year e-celebration came to end with a video greeting from Mr. Vincent Hieff, Consul General of Luxembourg in Shanghai & Executive Director at LTIO in Shanghai and team, as well as surprise wishes from many friends and students, followed by an encore show organised by the CCCL with a fusion of modern dance and Chinese traditional operas.

2021年2月8日晚,由卢森堡商会、中卢商会、卢森堡大学孔子学院、卢森堡中国文化中心联合主办、卢森堡欧亚申根国际集团协办的春节线上庆祝晚会圆满落幕!此次活动由中卢商会副主席Jacques BORTUZZ先生主持。晚会形式多样,包含嘉宾致辞、合唱、乐器演奏、舞蹈、祝福视频等,中卢友人线上欢聚一堂,共庆新年!170多位中卢及各国观众在线欣赏了这一文化盛宴。

晚会开场,卢森堡经济部长Franz FAYOT先生通过视频致以最美好的祝愿和祝福,同时他也借此机会感谢中国和卢森堡在抗疫期间的相互合作,尤其是在疫情爆发初期,中国通过“空中丝绸之路”为卢森堡提供了重要急需的医疗设备,这对卢森堡及欧洲在后续的抗疫中起到了至关重要的帮助。FAYOT先生表示将在2021年继续推进和加强中卢之间在多个领域的合作关系!


卢森堡商会主席Luc FRIEDEN先生也以视频的形式为大家送上新春祝福,他肯定了疫情期间中国和卢森堡的相互合作,特别提到卢森堡国际货运航空在此期间发挥的重要作用。他表示希望卢森堡能够更好利用其物流和金融中心的地位及作用,进一步推进中卢双边关系。关于2020年12月达成的《中欧全面投资协定》,FRIEDEN先生坚定的表示,这将成为未来中卢之间建立公平及平等贸易关系的基础。

在晚会中,卢森堡大学校长Stéphane PALLAGE先生通过视频送上春节祝福,他特别提到位于卢森堡Belval卢森堡学习中心的孔子学院图书馆,拥有卢森堡最大的中文文献收藏。卢森堡大学孔子学院卢方院长Jauffrey BAREILLE先生和代理中方院长江晨晨女士也在晚会现场为大家送上新春祝福,并带来卢森堡孔子学院师生共同录制的春节专题视频,包含春节祝福语和传统节日习俗等丰富的语言及文化内容。


卢森堡欧亚申根国际集团詹勇先生为此次晚会制作新年特别视频,其中包括卢森堡中小企业与旅游部长Lex DELLES先生的新春问候,卢森堡知名艺术家Gast WALTZING带来的萨克斯和吉他合奏中国民歌“茉莉花”,以及卢森堡欧亚申根国际集团多位客户共同合唱的传统卢森堡歌曲。内容精彩纷呈,将晚会推向高潮!


最后,卢森堡驻上海总领事Vincent HIEFF先生及其团队在中国为本次晚上送上视频祝福,还有来自海内外的众多朋友共祝“新年好!”。2021春节线上庆祝晚会在卢森堡中国文化中心带来的现代舞和中国传统戏曲表演中顺利落下帷幕!


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