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Availability of skilled personnel, regulatory environment, access to financial markets and availability of business infrastructure are the factors that have put the Grand Duchy at the top of the Eurozone league.

Multinational companies doing business in China, may see a number of the earlier practical impediments to claiming VAT exemption now being resolved. CHINALUX Founder Member KPMG, releases new tax alert on VAT exemption for exported services based on a recent announcement by Chinese tax authorities.

CHINALUX Founder Member KPMG, has put together a tax alert on the latest guidance by SAT for voluntary "self-adjustments". This new policy will be used to address tax anti-avoidance issues in China,

Repot by CHINALUX Founder Member KPMG: EU and national authorities prevented losses of over €80 million in customs duties, during a joint customs operation coordinated by the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) and also involving China Customs.

This joint customs operation specifically targeted the undervaluation of imported goods.

This Asian Investor article (paywall after 48 hours of original publicaiton), echoes the intersting discussions that took place at their China Investment Forum reavealing opportunities for thrid party managers and consultants

The Hong Kong Board of Review issued a decision concerning whether fees earned by director of a company incorporated offshore but listed in Hong Kong were subject to the salaries tax in Hong Kong.

The tribunal examined factors such as what was the location of the company’s management and control, and based on this investigation, concluded that these were located in Hong Kong. Accordingly, the director’s fees were subject to tax in Hong Kong.

CHINALUX Founder Member KPMG, have put together a summary of this interesting case. 

Friday, 12 September 2014 08:55

China - Changes to customs regulations

For the benefit of companies interested to know more about the possible changes to the regulations, CHINALUX Founder Member KPMG have prepared  this Alert a summary of the key revisions and how this may have an overall impact in the way Customs and businesses interact.

Thursday, 11 September 2014 17:57

2014 China Pension Forum

CHINALUX Founder Member EY, is endorsing the 2014 edition of the China Pension Forum which will take place in Beijing on 24 and 25 September. More details below.