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On the evening of 27 May, CHINALUX Event – Development of Lux-Airport attracted more than 120 people at the renowned Hôtel Le Royal in Luxembourg. Lux-Airport has evolved significantly since its establishment, driven by Luxembourg’s strategic position in the heart of Europe and its ambition to foster international connectivity. The event was sponsored by Lux-Airport, EY and China Construction Bank.

To start, Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo, Vice President of the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, warmly welcomed the presence of CHINALUX members and friends, then continued with a brief introduction on the agenda and guest speaker.

Mr. Alexander Flassak, CEO, Lux-Airport, gave an impressive presentation on the current and future plans of the Luxembourg airport. Mr. Flassak mentioned that the Luxembourg airport has a rich history that mirrors the country’s development as a major financial and logistics hub in Europe. Today, the Luxembourg Airport is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with two passenger terminals, extensive cargo handling facilities, and advanced technological infrastructure. Mr. Flassak emphasized that Lux-Airport will reach its carbon neutral target in its plan. There will also be a first wooden building at the airport, the biggest wooden building in Europe. In terms of public access, the tram will merely take eight minutes from the airport to the business area in Kirchberg. Lux-Airport handles close to 5 million passengers annually and is a crucial hub for cargo traffic, particularly for perishable goods, pharmaceuticals, and high-value electronics. Its strategic location, coupled with Luxembourg’s business-friendly environment, has made it an attractive destination for airlines and logistics companies worldwide.

During the Q&A session, Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo acted as the moderator. CHINALUX members and friends raised various questions and showed great interest in the future of Lux-Airport. Mr. Flassak was glad to share his opinions with the audience.

A cocktail was later served for CHINALUX distinguished guests. Thanks again for your attendance and we look forward to seeing you soon.



5月27日晚,中卢商会-卢森堡机场发展历程活动在卢森堡著名的 The Royal Hotel 如期举行。活动吸引了120余人前来参加。卢森堡机场位于欧洲中心并具有极重要的战略地位,其自成立以来已经取得了令人瞩目的发展。该活动由卢森堡机场、安永和中国建设银行赞助。

活动伊始,中卢商会副主席 Jacques Bortuzzo 先生对中卢商会会员和朋友们的光临表示热烈欢迎,随后简要介绍了今天的议程和演讲嘉宾。

卢森堡机场首席执行官 Alexander Flassak 先生对卢森堡机场当前和未来的计划进行了精彩的演讲。 Flassak 先生提到,卢森堡机场拥有丰富的历史,也印证了该国作为欧洲主要金融和物流中心的发展历程。如今,卢森堡机场拥有先进的硬件设施,配备两个客运航站楼,多功能货物装卸以及一流技术基础设施。 Flassak 先生强调,卢森堡机场会按计划实现其碳中和的环境保护目标。机场还将建造第一座木结构建筑。在公共交通方面,在开通后,有轨电车从机场到Kirchberg商业区只需八分钟。卢森堡机场每年接待数百万旅客,是国际货运的重要节点。卢森堡机场的战略位置加上卢森堡的商业友好环境,使其成为对全球航空公司和物流公司有吸引力的目的地。

问答环节由 Jacques Bortuzzo 先生主持。 中卢商会会员和朋友们提出了各种问题,并对卢森堡机场的未来表现出极大的兴趣。 Flassak 先生很高兴与观众分享他的观点和交流。



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