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Global Economic Outlook

On the evening of 12 March, CHINALUX Event Global Economic Outlook took place at Linklaters Luxembourg. As of 2024, the world economy continues to recover from the impacts of the pandemic, with varying degrees of progress across different regions. In particular, the Chinese market remains a key player, driving global economic growth with its focus on innovation and sustainable development. China’s commitment to the green economy is evident through its investments in renewable energy, electric vehicles, and environmental initiatives. These efforts present opportunities for both domestic and international businesses, contributing to the growth of the global green economy. The event was sponsored by our Founding Member Linklaters.

To start, Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo, Vice President of the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, gave a brief introduction on today’s agenda and guest speakers.

Ms. Zhujun Xie, President of the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, delivered a welcome speech to everyone who made it to the event. Special thanks to the presence of Ms. Wang Yuan, from the Chinese Embassy in Luxembourg. Considering the current complexity of the global economy, we should not only seek for knowledge, but also for collaboration and joint efforts. She expressed her heartfelt welcome to all the distinguished guests and speakers, as well as sincere gratitude to Linklaters for their support.

Mr. Nicki Kayser, National Managing Partner, Linklaters LLP, welcomed all the guests at Linklater’s office. He emphasized Linklater’s long-term relationship with CHINALUX, which has always played an important role in promoting trade and fostering cultural ties. It’s essential to build bridges between Luxembourg, a tiny yet important European nation and China, one of the largest economies on the global stage. He wished all the guests to be enlightened by the speeches from our speakers.   

Afterwards, Mr. Vincent Juvyns, Executive Director, Global Market Strategist, JP Morgan Asset Management (Europe), took the microphone and gave a passionate and comprehensive analysis on the world economy by showing data and trends on inflation, economic growth, consumer confidence, purchasing power, employment rates, etc. He confirmed the efforts and position that China has in terms of the green economy.

This event also had the pleasure to invite Mr. Li Xiao, Head of Settlement and Cash Management, ICBC (Europe) to join us. The green economy has been put on the agenda of China for a long time. The pursuit of sustainability on top of economic development proved to be successful and effective. He detailed efforts taken by Chinese banks as green economy players.

Mr. Jacques Bortuzzo, Vice President of the China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, thanked the speakers for their sharing and insights before passing the microphone to our audience for further discussion. The audience raised many interesting questions that were answered by the speakers.

In the end, a cocktail reception was served for all our guests. We are always delighted to see members and friends greet each other in a good mood. With the good weather in the corner, CHINALUX wishes you a great Easter Holiday ahead and hopes to see you very soon!

3月12日晚,中卢商会全球经济展望活动在Linklaters律师事务所举行。 截至2024年,世界经济继续从疫情影响中复苏。中国市场仍然是全球经济的重要一方,以创新和可持续发展为重点,推动全球经济增长。中国对绿色经济的承诺体现在对可再生能源、电动汽车和环保举措的投资上。这些努力为国内和国际企业提供了机遇,为全球绿色经济的增长做出了贡献。该活动由我们的创始会员Linklaters律师事务所赞助。

首先,中卢商会副主席Jacques Bortuzzo先生简要介绍了今天的议程和演讲嘉宾。


Linklaters律师事务所卢森堡总经理 Nicki Kayser 先生表示非常荣幸能在Linklaters律师律师卢森堡总部欢迎大家的到来。 他强调了Linklaters律师事务所与中卢商会的长期合作关系,并感谢中卢商会在促进贸易和文化联系方面一直发挥的重要作用。卢森堡地域狭小但在欧洲经济乃至全球经济确有着举足轻重的地位;中国是全球舞台上最大经济体之一,这两国之间桥梁的建立,中国商会发挥着至关重要的作用。他祝愿今晚所有的来宾都能从发言中得到启发。

随后,JP Morgan Asset Management (Europe) 全球市场策略师Vincent Juvyns先生通过通货膨胀、经济增长、购买力、就业率,消费者信心等具体数据和趋势,对世界经济进行了全面的分析。他肯定了中国在绿色经济方面所做的努力。

本次活动也有幸邀请到工银欧洲结算与现金管理部主管Li Xiao先生讲话。 绿色经济早已被提上中国政府的议事日程。 事实证明,在经济发展之上追求可持续性有所成功并效果显著。 他介绍了中资银行在绿色经济方面所做出的努力。

中卢商会副主席Jacques Bortuzzo先生感谢演讲嘉宾的分享,随后时间在场嘉宾和发言人开展了讨论环节。演讲嘉宾回答了观众提出的很多有趣的问题。

最后,中卢商会邀请大家入场招待会。 我们非常荣幸看到我们的会员和朋友们如今晚这样积极地交流讨论。 卢森堡的好天气即将来临,中卢商会提前祝您复活节假期愉快,并希望很快能在下次活动中再次相见!


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