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The China-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce (“CHINALUX”) is a private, non-profit organisation supporting bilateral trade and cultural ties between China and Luxembourg. Initiated by 20 founder members active in the China-Luxembourg business community, CHINALUX was founded in Luxembourg on May 31st, 2013.

The chamber maintains close relations with relevant industry bodies, organisations and government representatives. CHINALUX holds as its Honorary Presidents the Chinese Ambassador to Luxembourg, HE Mr. HUA Ning and the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce as its Honorary Executive Board Member. CHINALUX is also an accredited member of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce CCBL Accreditation Program.

For the past nine years, CHINALUX has worked towards promoting bilateral trade and cultural ties between China and Luxembourg. It is our view that a richer cultural understanding allows for more effective trade ties, and as such CHINALUX actively encourages and explores avenues to promote these causes. The chamber engages with both the Chinese and Luxembourgish business communities, and by doing so, aims to be a valuable cultural asset to promote positive connections and networking. This is all possible due to Luxembourg’s unique position in Europe, which brings together members from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds.


In addition to the overall goal to create and maintain a platform that strives to promote bilateral trade and cultural ties between China and Luxembourg, CHINALUX’s objectives also include:

  • To organise , activate, motivate, promote and support China-Luxembourg-related trade initiatives and events – such as meetings, workshops and conferences – in order to capture long term opportunities, with a regular focus on areas of mutual interest to accelerate these opportunities.
  • To build a knowledge base for CHINALUX members containing useful information regarding economic missions, contact persons with access to China, service propositions, brochures, etc.
  • To provide members with assistance in contacting official bodies in China, Luxembourg and other countries, as well as international or national organisations in respect of Chinese inbound and outbound activities.
  • To offer a richer cultural understanding for more effective trade ties, and actively encourage and explore avenues to promote positive connections and networking.


CHINALUX is a non-profit organisation, and thus maintains full transparency with its members and the general public. The governing bodies are as follows:

  • The General Assembly, consisting of all CHINALUX members, meets annually at the Annual General Meeting.
  • The Executive Board, consisting of four to 24 directors, half of whom are individuals of Chinese mother-tongue and half of whom are individuals of non-Chinese mother-tongue, is elected at the Annual General Meeting by the General Assembly. Board Members elect among themselves: a President, one to three Vice-Presidents, an Executive Director and a Treasurer. When necessary, the Executive Board may elect a Vice-Executive Director.
  • The Advisory Board, consisting of individuals who play a central role in China-Luxembourg relations, including, for example, experts in specific fields, C-suite leaders (CEO, COO, CFO etc.), diplomats and leaders of relevant organisations. The Advisory Board is established and elected by the Executive Board.


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