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China-Luxembourg Art Show & Art Talk: “Sourcing Inspiration from the East” “寻源东方”艺术沙龙

The China Culture Center in Luxembourg (CCCL) open its doors for the first-time on Saturday, 14th December 2019.

For this momentous occasion, CHINALUX were honoured to co-host with the CCCL the event China-Luxembourg Art Show & Art Talk: “Sourcing Inspiration from the East”.

More than 70 people attended, including members of CHINALUX and art enthusiasts alike.

The event commenced with an introduction to the CCCL by Director Jing Zhang and words of welcome from CHINALUX Vice President, Amanda Yeung.

Following, Rose Wei Jiang raised a range of topics with local and well-renowned artist Tung-Wen Margue during the art talk. Tung-Wen shared his relationship with, understanding of and artistic pursuit of Chinese painting, outlining his Luxembourgish and Chinese roots. Rose and Tung-Wen explored how they crossed paths, then shared their thoughts on the concept of creativity, noting how all can be an artist in their fields – from storytelling to seeking sources of inspiration. They also looked into the appreciation of Chinese art, as well as western art, asking questions around art being not only a decoration for our environments but also as a form of investment.

The art talk finished with a dynamic exchange of questions and answers with the guests and speakers. Guests were then invited to the exhibition of artwork by Tung-Wen and Shanqing Jiang, as well as to enjoy some Chinese food and drinks over chats with fellow guests.

CHINALUX would like to thank our colleagues from the CCCL for this opportunity to co-host and wish them all the best in their endeavours here in Luxembourg.

Chinese Press Release: CCCL WeChat

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