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CHINALUX Event on Space

The CHINALUX – Event on Space took place at the International School of Luxembourg on 26 April. The event offered a great opportunity for the CHINALUX community to connect again and learn more about the space industry in Luxembourg. The event was held with the support of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce and was sponsored by CHINALUX corporate member, International School of Luxembourg.

中卢商会关于太空主题的活动于 4 月 26 日在卢森堡国际学校举行。本次活动为中卢商会会员和朋友们提供了一个再次联系并了解更多关于卢森堡航天工业信息的绝佳机会。本次活动得到卢森堡商会的支持,并由中卢商会企业会员卢森堡国际学校赞助。

At the beginning of the event, our members were welcomed with words and well wishes from CHINALUX President Ms. Zhujun XIE. Following, Ms. Na SHI, Senior Advisor of International Affairs, Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce, also gave a warm welcome speech to our members and friends at the event.

We were also honoured to have Ms. Jingdong LIU, economic commissioner at the Chinese Embassy in Luxembourg at our event. Ms. Jingdong LIU extended her greetings to all guests and friends. She mentioned the strong economic and political ties between Luxembourg and China and she expressed her hope to see more collaborations between the two countries in the space sector.

Mr. Marc SERRES, CEO, Luxembourg Space Agency, gave an informative speech about Luxembourg and its space industry. He mentioned that Luxembourg has been active in space for more than 30 years and has introduced laws regarding the use of space resources and space activities. He further stressed the importance of education, research, data collection and financing for the development of the space industry.

Mr. William ZHANG,  President of Spacety Luxembourg, also gave an interesting speech on what Spacety is doing in China and Luxembourg. Spacety is one of the earliest and fast-growing private space companies in China and is a world leader in satellites, providing services to global users for science, technology, and commercial purposes.

The Q&A session was moderated by Mr. Jacques BORTUZZO, Vice President, CHINALUX. Mr. James ZHENG, Vice President of Spacety Luxembourg, was able to connect remotely during this session. The guest speakers, along with Mr. ZHENG, answered questions that audiences were mostly interested in regarding the space industry and its development.

The event ended with a cocktail session and we are very much looking forward to seeing everybody again very soon!



卢森堡航天局首席执行官 Marc SERRES 先生就卢森堡及其航天工业发表了内容丰富的演讲。他提到,卢森堡在太空领域活跃了 30 多年,并出台了有关太空资源使用和太空活动的法律。他进一步强调了教育、研究、数据收集和金融融资对航天工业发展的重要性。

Spacety Luxembourg(天仪研究院,卢森堡)主席William ZHANG先生也就天仪在中国和卢森堡所做的活动发表了精彩演讲。天仪是中国最早、发展迅速的民营航天公司之一,在卫星领域处于世界领先地位,并为全球用户提供科学、技术和商业用途的服务。

问答环节由中卢商会副总裁 Jacques BORTUZZO 先生主持。 天仪副总裁 James ZHENG 先生远程连接并参加了此次问答环节。主讲嘉宾与James ZHENG先生一起就航天工业及其发展回答了听众们最感兴趣的问题。



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