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Ask the Experts – Update on Insurance, Tax and Immigration Aspects for Expats living in Luxembourg

(From left to right): Jerome Wiwinius, Head of Corporate Sales, LALUX; Sylvie Leick, Partner, EY; Dirk Dewitte, President of CHINALUX; Philippe Schmit, Partner, Arendt & Medernach

On the 4th of April, 2019, CHINALUX held the event “Ask the experts: Update on Insurance, Tax and Immigration aspects for Expats living in Luxembourg” at the LALUX Auditorium in Leudelange. This was CHINALUX’s first event dedicated to supporting the expatriate community in Luxembourg. 

CHINALUX President, Mr Dirk Dewitte, began the event by welcoming guests and speakers. Three experts respectively from LALUX, EY and Arendt & Medernach were invited to deliver presentations across the topics of insurance, tax and immigration.

Mr Jérôme Wiwinius, Head of Corporate Sales, LALUX, outlined the insurance needs of expatriates in Luxembourg. Mr Wiwinius dedicated his attention to three main insurances on the market: life insurance, non-life insurance and health insurance. Afterwards, he focused his presentation on pension and life insurance and their tax advantages. 

Ms Sylvie Leick, Partner, EY, presented information in relation to the preparation of income tax returns in Luxembourg. Her presentation covered several aspects of taxes and more precisely: tax residency and concepts, tax classes, types of income,  tax return and  tax rates with the filling formalities for income.

Mr Philippe Schmit, Partner, Arendt & Medernach, covered immigration opportunities for investors. He gave a technical overview, explaining the application process for a residence permit, and outlined three investor immigration pathways. He also mentioned the various private reasons for immigration, what expatriates should consider during the immigration application process, as well as other practical considerations.

Mr Dewitte then led the speakers through a panel discussion and invited guests for a Q&A session. 

After the formal proceedings, guests were welcomed to a networking cocktail hosted by LALUX. 


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